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Thousand Islands Postcard

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While away in Stratford last week I picked up this interesting postcard of the Thousand Islands. (I’m always on the hunt for local postcards in antique shops, specifically those that have writing, but postcards are a huge pain to look through. There are usually at least fifty of them and they take forever to go through. If only there was a better way…) It’s a design I’ve never seen before: intended to be romantic, but also a little sinister, if you want to look at it that way. Where is the man rowing so late at night? Why is his back to us? Is he going to knock the woman over the head with the paddle, dump her body in the river, and pretend it was all a horrible accident?! So many possibilities here.

I jest of course, but this postcard is more interesting than most of the ones I’ve seen of the area. The message is interesting too, sent in January 1912 by (presumably) a Queen’s student to his cousin in Cobourg. I’m guessing it’s from a man based on the writing and the tone. It reads:

Dear Coz:-

Well I suppose by this time, at least, Pinser & Ley [?] have skating at the rink, have they? There is good skating here now. The whole bay is frozen over now, but it is too cold to venture out there. We have a Yankee professor lecturer here who is spending his first winter in Canada. He froze his ears yesterday. He was telling me afterwards that they don’t have this sort of weather “way down in Tennessee”. He is from Tenn. Well so long yours truly

R.D. [?]

I love the tiny glimpses into historical people’s lives which postcards sometimes offer. Most of the time they only have very cursory greetings on them, but if the sender went to more effort they can be very fun to read. I remember reading one that instructed the receiver to destroy the card (I can’t remember why), which they obviously didn’t do.

Meanwhile, I wonder if I could find out who this Tennessee lecturer was, or the identity of R.D….